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(Best player in an EGCA A-Grade Grand Final)

1963/64 Barry Pascoe 1974/75 Barry Pascoe 1993/94 Russell Gallagher
1966/67 Bob Turner 1975/76 Michael O'Shaughnessy 2005/06 Brett Kearney
1967/68 Alan Dowson 1979/80 Steve Heathcote 2020/21 Bevan Bennell
1970/71 Charlie Osmetti 1980/81 Phil Kelly    
1971/72 Charlie Osmetti 1981/82 Calvin Wilson    

(EGCA Player of the Year - Donated by O'Shaughnessy family)

1984/85 Dave Sheehan 2005/06 Scott Tie 2013/14 Josh Rushmore
1987/88 Dave Sheehan 2007/08 Daniel Campo 2015/16 Josh Rushmore
1992/93 Dave Sheehan 2009/10 Chris Johnston 2018/19 Jebb Swallow
1995/96 Greg Bond 2011/12 Josh Rushmore 2020/21 Bevan Bennell
1997/98 Shane Robbins 2012/13 Josh Rushmore 2022/23 Bevan Bennell

(A-Grade Club Champion - Donated by Noel Jerrard)

1977/78 Barry Pascoe 1993/94 Dave Sheehan 2009/10 Chris Johnston
1978/79 John Terrell 1994/95 Russell Gallagher 2010/11 Michael Warnes
1979/80 Phil Kelly 1995/96 Todd Altus 2011/12 Josh Rushmore
1980/81 Barry Pascoe 1996/97 Shane Robbins 2012/13 Josh Rushmore
1981/82 Peter Selth 1997/98 Shane Robbins 2013/14 Daniel Campo
1982/83 Ken Harnel 1998/99 Todd Altus 2014/15 Andy Gray
1983/84 Dave Sheehan 1999/00 Todd Altus 2015/16 Josh Rushmore
1984/85 Dave Sheehan 2000/01 Todd Altus / Shane Robbins 2016/17 Josh Rushmore
1985/86 Derek Gale 2001/02 Lee Sorfleet 2017/18 Josh Rushmore
1986/87 Dave Sheehan 2002/03 Russell Gallagher 2018/19 Jebb Swallow
1987/88 Dave Sheehan 2003/04 Todd Altus 2019/20 Bevan Bennell
1988/89 Dave Sheehan 2004/05 Todd Altus 2020/21 Bevan Bennell
1989/90 Mark Turner 2005/06 Scott Tie 2021/22 Josh Rushmore
1990/91 Dave Sheehan 2006/07 Todd Altus 2022/23 Bevan Bennell
1991/92 Paul Taylor 2007/08 Daniel Campo    
1992/93 Dave Sheehan 2008/09 Todd Altus / Chris Johnston    

(Reserves Club Champion - Donated by Eric Emerson)

1978/79 Calvin Wilson 1993/94 Bill Henderson 2008/09 Stuart Gould
1979/80 Mike Beccarelli 1994/95 Brett Crook 2009/10 Brett Simmonds / David Forrest
1980/81 Mike Beccarelli 1995/96 Bill Henderson 2010/11 Luke Stewart
1981/82 Alan Roberts 1996/97 Bernie Miller 2011/12 Brad Pescud
1982/83 Tony Crook 1997/98 Zane Robinson 2012/13 Brett Simmonds
1983/84 Mark Brayshaw 1998/99 Mark Herbert 2013/14 Stewart Craig
1984/85 Brett Crook 1999/00 Paul Mullins 2014/15 Jade Mansson / Nick Thomas
1985/86 Brett Crook 2000/01 Paul Bonusiak 2015/16 Jayden Hinchliffe
1986/87 Brett Crook 2001/02 Paul Mullins 2016/17 Callum Rushmore
1987/88 Mark Mullins / Peter Hayes 2002/03 Tony Mansson 2017/18 Levi Dellar
1988/89 Brett Crook 2003/04 Colin Alexander 2018/19 Blake Todd
1989/90 Brett Crook 2004/05 Mark Cossom 2019/20 Brett Simmonds / Andrew Reilly
1990/91 Paul Kennedy 2005/06 Rob Leahy 2020/21 Jimmy Singh
1991/92 Brett Crook 2006/07 Shane Watkins 2021/22 Nick Thomas
1992/93 Bill Henderson 2007/08 Jason Murphy 2022/23 Jimmy Singh


1999/00 Kris Lemm 2007/08 Justin Giles 2015/16 Tommy Tedge
2000/01 Hayden Patrizi 2008/09 Ashley Sbizzirri 2016/17 Ben Hannam
2001/02 Matthew Lemm 2009/10 Ryan Edwards 2017/18 Jace Reilly
2002/03 Ben Bizzaca 2010/11 Damien Sweet 2018/19 Tarj Kelman
2003/04 Kyle Horsley 2011/12 Nick Thomas 2019/20 Dane Van Maanen
2004/05 Daniel Hood 2012/13 Dylan Hinchliffe-Jerrard 2020/21 Judd Kelman
2005/06 Scott McCormack 2013/14 Nicholas Scholl 2021/22 Fynn Moulds
2006/07 Ross Knoll 2014/15 Bailey Edwards 2022/23 William Miller


2022/23 Jaxon Atthowe        

(Gee Bees' Big Hitters)

Games record holder Todd Altus also fittingly as at the completion of 2021 produced the most A Grade individual centuries scored for the club with 5 with Barry Pascoe, Brian Thomas, Mel Gallagher and Bevan Bennell joining the list of century-makers for Great Boulder who have scored the coveted ton on four occasions.
Barry's first century came against North Kalgoorlie in our maiden premiership summer, 1963-64, with an unbeaten 103 against North Kalgoorlie. He followed up with scores of 108 not out (against Hannans) and 106 (North Kalgoorlie) in 1964-65 and 102 (North Kalgoorlie) in 1968-69.
Brian has a top score of 135 to his credit, his other centuries being 118, 110 not out and 101.
Phil Kelly, Dave Sheehan and Greg Bond have each made three centuries and Lee Sorfleet two.
The first of Phil Kelly's three tons came against Lake View in 1974-75 (116) and he followed up with two more.
Other century-makers include lain Philip (140), Brett Negus (102) and Dan Sudlow (106 not out.
The highest individual score by a Great Boulder player is 166 recorded by Tony Patrizi against Hannans in March, 1986.
The only century made in a grand final is 114 against North Kalgoorlie by Calvin Wilson in the 1981-82 season.
In the 1954-55 season both Colin (Ping) Dunlop and Clarrie McCreed made a century Colin with 100 not out against Hannans and Clarrie an unbeaten 103 against the same club.
In 1956-57 Jim Mitchell hit an unbeaten 111 against Hannans, when he scored a record 640 runs for the season, while Alan Dowson chalked up 102 against Lake View in 1967-68.
In the 2003-04 season two centuries were posted - 104 by new captain-coach Leigh Burns in the opening game against Hannans and the second - 124 not out - by Mel Gallagher in the following match against North Kalgoorlie.
Season 2004/05 seen Leigh Burns produce another outstanding innings during the preliminary final against Hannans. The talented All Australian Country XI top order bat sman made his second century for the club posting a superb 121.
Season 2005/06 has seen the dynamic Burns go within 5 runs of Tony Patrizi's club record when he made a majestic unbeaten 161 v Lake View on December 4th this was his third ton for the club in as many years. Brett Kearney also joins this elite group when he compiled a stylish 103 v North Kalgoorlie on November 27th followed by 112 v Lake View on January 29th.
Premiership Captain Coach Scott Tie became the 21st individual player to score an A grade century when he made 137 against Lake View on February 4th, 2007. Former St George First Grade player and current club captain coach Chris Johnston scored his first GBCC century on December 6, 2008 with a superb unbeaten 104 against North Kalgoorlie and followed that up with a punishing 114 against Hannans on February 15, 2009.
Arron Lilley joined the list of centurions on November 15th, 2009 when he scored and unbeaten 105 v Hannans at Sir Richard Moore. The 18 year old from Manchester in the UK was recruited to the club for the Australian summer and was delighted to score his first ever century in all forms of cricket for the GB's. Chris Johnston made it three centuries in as many seasons when he blasted a superb 105 against Lake View at Wallace Park on December 19, 2009, cementing his reputation as one of the state's most accomplished batsmen outside of the metropolitan area and justifying his selection as Vice Captain of the WA Country X1.
Exciting young batsmen and former Softley Medal winner Damien Sweet who is a product of the club's junior system scored an outstanding 105 not out against North Kalgoorlie at Cruickshanks on October 15th 2011.
Todd Altus created further history by becoming the first batsmen to achieve 5 A Grade centuries for the club when he scored a hard hitting 103no against North Kalgoorlie on March 3rd 2012.
All rounder Daniel Campo posted his maiden A Grade century with a hard hitting 119 v Lake View at Wallace Park on December  14,  2013 the innings was just reward for the 2007-08 O'Shaughnessy Medallist who had threatened to reach the magical figure on numerous occasions throughout his career.
Brilliant all rounder Josh Rushmore produced a well deserved century against Hannans on December 12th, 2015 when he compiled 103. The multiple Jerrard and O'Shaughnessy medalist played a masterful innings dispatching the bowling to all parts of Cruickshank's Sports Arena and it would be fair to say this could be the first of many centuries for this classy player. It didn't take that man Rushmore long to record another ton when he made it back to back centuries with 106 against Lake View on January 31st 2016 this coincided with Jebb Swallow's maiden century for the club in the same match when he scored a swashbuckling 148 no with the pair adding 153 runs for the fourth wicket.
Rushmore once again entered the record books when he became the first player in club history to record three centuries in a season all within four innings when he scored a chance less 123 against Hannans on the 13th February 2016, the champion all rounder put on a masterclass and showed why he has been the premier batsman in the EGCA competition.
2018-19 Jerrard and O'Shaughnessy Medallist Jebb Swallow recorded his second century for the club with a sublime 108no on 13th October 2018 v NKCC.
Outstanding WA Country X1 and GBCC batsman Bevan Bennell scored consecutive centuries in the 2019-20 including 138no v NKCC on the 8th February followed by an unbeaten 120 v Hannans 15th February. Bennell has the distinction of proudly becoming the first indigenous player to score a century for the club. As if season the season to follow was scripted Bennell again scored back to back centuries with 122 against Hannans on February 6th 2021 and then 119 versus North Kalgoorlie on February 13th. Bennells contribution in compiling an phenomenal 1467 runs in just two seasons (28 games) and accordingly instrumental in the Premiership A Grade winning team he captained in 2020/21.Bennell joined Todd Altus with a record of five centuries for the club when he scored 102 against North Kalgoorlie on October 22nd 2022 an amazing achievement in just his 30th appearance for the club.


Todd Altus (5) Greg Bond (3) Calvin Wilson Alan Dowson
Bevan Bennell (5) Leigh Burns (3) Brett Negus Shane Robbins
Barry Pascoe (4) Chris Johnston (3) Danny Sudlow Scott Tie
Brian Thomas (4) Josh Rushmore (3) Tony Patrizi Arron Lilley
Mel Gallagher (4) Brett Kearney (2) Colin Dunlop Damien Sweet 
Phil Kelly (3) Lee Sorfleet (2) Clarrie McCreed Daniel Campo
Dave Sheehan (3) Iain Philip Jim Mitchell Jeb Swallow





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