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The club has won multiple senior A&B Grade Premierships since its formation in 1953 and added many more with the introduction of T20 cricket in 2004.
The inaugural A-Grade flag came in 1963/64 under the guidance of former WA State representative Trevor Bidstrup
After waiting 10 seasons to capture that elusive premiership, flags came at a more rapid rate during the club's glory days from the late 60s through to the early 80s.
During this period the Gee Bees enjoyed back-to-back flags in 1966-67 & 67-68 with the captain-coach being club legend and aggregate wicket taking record holder Barry Pascoe.
The Mighty Double Blues then created club history by winning three titles in a row from 1970-71,72,73.
This was achieved under the astute leadership of Gee Bee icon and Midland Guildford player Michael O’Shaughnessy, the lion hearted opening bowler.
Barry Pascoe also captained the club to two more premierships in 1974-75 & 75-76, combining with playing coach the tenacious keeper batsman Calvin Wilson. The 1978-79 season was outstanding as it was an undefeated year under the leadership of Bob Turner. 1980-81 Gee Bee stalwart and dashing opening batsmen Phil Kelly guided the side to a flag, then the second leg of two in a row was achieved under the highly talented Max Johnson in 1981-82.
English speedster and test player Paul Taylor delivered an overdue premiership in 1991-92 then former Claremont Nedlands top order batsman keeper and astute captain Danny Sudlow coupled with coach the legendary Denis O’Shaughnessy achieving the ultimate prize with success in 1993-94. The long awaited Premiership drought was broken in 2005/06 when another former Midland Guildford player and gifted allrounder Scott Tie captain coached the club to its 14th flag. Season 2020-21 was one to behold with former player and life member Dean Jerrard was at the helm as senior coach with outstanding batsman Bevan Bennell the skipper, the two blue army rewarded the club after enduring a dearth of success when they comprehensively defeated Hannans in both senior grand finals.
The Reserves 20 premierships include four hat-tricks (1979-80,81,82, 1984,85,86 & 2015-16,17,18 & 2020-21,22, 23),with the most recent victory in 2022-23 completing that triple.


'B' Grade Premiers 2022/23

B Grade

Twenty 20 Premiers 2022-23

Twenty 20


A Grade Premierships
B Grade
1963-64 Trevor Bidstrup Trevor Bidstrup 1956-57   Calvin Wilson 2004-05 Todd Altus Brian Thomas
1966-67 Barry Pascoe Barry Pascoe 1974-75     2009-10 Danny Tebble Chris Johnston
1967-68 Barry Pascoe Barry Pascoe 1976-77     2015-16 Andy Gray Mel Gallagher
1970-71 Michael O’Shaughnessy Michael O’Shaughnessy 1979-80     2017-18 Josh Rushmore Josh Rushmore
1971-72 Michael O’Shaughnessy Michael O’Shaughnessy 1980-81   Phil Kelly 2019-20 Bevan Bennell Dean Jerrard
1972-73 Michael O’Shaughnessy Michael O’Shaughnessy 1981-82 Tony Crook Max Johnson 2022-23 Bevan Bennell Dylan Hinchliffe
1974-75 Barry Pascoe Calvin Wilson 1983-84 Brett Crook    
1975-76 Barry Pascoe Calvin Wilson 1985-86 Dean Nazzari    
1978-79 Bob Turner Bob Turner 1990-91 Brett Crook    
1980-81 Phil Kelly Phil Kelly 1992-93 Dean Jerrard Greg Bond  
1981-82 Max Johnson Max Johnson 1998-99 Mark Herbert Steve Milner  
1991-92 Paul Taylor Paul Taylor 1999-00 Paul Mullins Mark Herbert  
1993-94 Danny Sudlow Denis O’Shaughnessy 2005-06 Phil Clarke Scott Tie  
2005-06 Scott Tie Scott Tie 2012-13 Brett Simmonds Danny Tebble  
2020-21 Bevan Bennell Dean Jerrard 2015-16 Stewart Craig Mel Gallagher  
      2016-17 Jayden Hinchliffe Mel Gallagher  
      2017-18 Jayden Hinchliffe Josh Rushmore  
      2020-21 Mitchell Gray Dean Jerrard  
      2021-22 Mitchell Gray Dylan Hinchliffe  
      2022-23 Mitchell Gray Dylan Hinchliffe  





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